Best 6 Floor Scrubber of 2022

Floor Scrubber

Floor Scrubber – Brushing out dirt Floor Scrubber is a more hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as mops and buckets. Eco-friendly soaps, when used in conjunction with water reduction systems, can save both the amount of chemicals released into the environment and the amount of gray water produced. You can even clean it … Read more

How to use shark steam mop ?

How to use shark steam mop ?   Are you here to know how to use shark seam mop ? Here in this article we will try to describe a guide how to use a shark steam mop we hope you will get a clear idea to use it.   Steps :   Different Shark Mop models offer different … Read more

Microfiber Mop – Best Microfiber Mops in 2022

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber Mop – Cleans more with less water Microfiber mops provide better cleaning power and more effective germ removal compared to traditional wet mops. Microfiber can reduce bacteria on floors by 99%, while traditional tools such as floor mops can only reduce bacteria by 30%. According to EPA research, the density of microfiber allows it to hold 6 times its weight in water compared to a regular cotton mop. This … Read more

How to clean hardwood floors with mop ?

Microfiber Mop

How to clean hardwood floors with mop ?   Floors are subjected to a lot of abuse from daily traffic and the inevitable spills, scratches and breakdowns. The best way to clean hardwood floors starts with smart precautions that not only protect your floors, but speed up cleaning time. Place floor mats on both the outside and inside of exterior doors to reduce dirt entry. In the event of snow or rain, we will provide a place to take off your boots to prevent water from … Read more

Best floor police mop in 2022 reviews

Best floor police mop in 2022

Best floor police mop in 2022 reviews   Are you looking for a floor police mop in 2022 ? Here in this website we “mop4u” have check many floor police mop from the market and we choose best mops from them and reviewed. You can definitely find one for you.   Best floor police mop … Read more

Mop Head – Best Mop Heads of 2022

Mop Head

Mop Head – The main part of a mop Mop head is the main part of the mop that cleans. Wet mop heads are made of coarsely woven threads or sponges. Like dry mops, wet mop threads can be made from natural or synthetic materials. Sponge mops usually have a rectangular head made of natural materials like cellulose or synthetic materials like polyurethane foam. There are several types of mop heads like flat, … Read more